East Coast Storm Reports - Last 6 Hours

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Updated: Jul 30, 2014 06:06:31 am

NWS Caribou, ME (CAR)

    NWS Gray/Portland, ME (GYX)

      NWS Burlington, VT (BTV)

        NWS Boston, MA (BOX)

          NWS New York, NY (OKX)

            NWS Binghamton, NY (BGM)

              NWS Philadelphia, PA/Mount Holly, NJ (PHI)

                NWS Baltimore, MD/Washington, DC (LWX)

                  NWS Wakefield, VA (AKQ)

                    NWS Roanoke, VA (RNK)

                      NWS Raleigh, NC (RAH)

                        NWS Newport/Morehead City, NC (MHX)

                          NWS Wilmington, NC (ILM)

                            NWS Charleston, SC (CHS)

                              NWS Jacksonville, FL (JAX)

                              NWS Melbourne, FL (MLB)

                                NWS Miami, FL (MFL)

                                    • A Ground Delay Program has been issued affecting flights arriving between 30/08:00 and 30/11:59 due to WEATHER / LOW CEILINGS. Flights are being delayed an average of 38.0 minutes.
                                    • This airport is experiencing departure delays of 16 to 30 minutes due to Runway:Construction since 30/08:15.
                                    • This airport is experiencing arrival delays of 16 to 30 minutes due to Runway:Runway CHANGE/Arrival SPACING since 30/08:40.